Vidapon's Artbox is a small personal "art" site built by Aster Vidapon, aka yours truly. This site is simply a place for me to express myself freely without being bound by pre-built social media code. Located here are the Gallery and (arguably the most notable part of the site) the OC Archive, as well as an infrequent blog you can check in on.

The site has since become a little "personal homepage" for me. It is not particularly built for other people in mind, however efforts to make the website readable and accessible for others is something that I am trying to push for constantly.


Growing up in the 2000's, I've always had a fondness of the old web. Back when YouTube let you completely customize the look of your channel, and when customizable web browser themes were still very prominent... it was just nice to be able to personalize everything, even your own computer outside of just a simple background change. Now, with the internet progressing into a more "advertiser-friendly" era, there's nothing super interesting about it anymore, and the lack of customization in most places is incredibly suffocating.

So naturally, when I first heard of Neocities, it caught my attention. I immediately began looking at existing and popular Neocities websites for inspiration, and soon enough I was on a journey to learn HTML. I was a complete novice, and I've never really messed with HTML outside of maybe slightly modifying a few Tumblr themes. Now I'm... still a novice, but I'm a little better! I'm definitely good enough at it for my friends to come to me for coding advice.


Hey there!! I'm Aster! I'm a transmasc Filipino guy from Canada. I've been drawing for pretty much all my life and it's still my biggest passion. I love my friends and especially love my boyfriend. 💚💙

I use he/him/his and ve/vem/vir pronouns and am in my early 20's!

I like to collect CDs and build model kits on my free time. I've also started collecting pins pretty recently too! I'm a pretty big collector of little trinkets and music and game-related memorabillia. I just think they're neat.

(Dialga is my favourite Pokemon!)

I enjoy cartoons and video games and I get a lot of inspiration from both, but most of my driving art force comes from listening to cool music! The band Red Vox was probably the most important part of my life growing up, and I've stuck with them since their initial debut.


dogs, cats, plants and plant symbolism, fungi, eye horror


irl/realistic blood and gore, eye trauma, living under capitalism >:(

✨Favourite media!✨

Patapon, MAD RAT DEAD, OneShot, Crypt of the NecroDancer, PROMARE, Red Vox, and The Reign of Kindo