i'm currently participating in ArtFight 2022, so larger updates will be on hiatus until August! feel free to check me out on ArtFight as well if you wish!

hi there! welcome to Vidapon's Artbox, my humble little art page on the world wide web. this is my first venture into HTML/CSS! the website is constantly under construction, so feel free to check back whenever you like.

while it IS flexible for all devices, this site is definitely best viewed on computers!

you can generally find me in most other places! (excluding deviantart, instagram and facebook.)

navigate with the menu above to check out what the site has to offer, as well as what i consider to be my "main" forms of social media!


All graphics and art featured on this website is of my own creation, unless stated below in the credits section.

Mad Rat Dead graphics were taken from the MAD RAT DEAD Fandom Wiki.
SPAMTON "Death grips" graphic was taken from tumblr user thisdastampdoesnotexist.
Pop-up gallery function was made possible with Lokesh Dhakar's Lightbox script.

Top priority

  • finish adding all OCs to archive
  • add more detail pages like lore and races to archive

Lower priority

  • figure out a way to maybe add dropdown functions for the navigation buttons
  • keep trying to make the website flexible and readable for all devices
  • maybe make visual/color changes to the OC archive depending on which world a character lives in

- Changed layouts of OC archive bios, also added a few more details

- Removed surnames from OC archive page URLS that had them, changed URLs to better correspond to the character's common name

- Finally added a credits section on the front page
- Overhauled OC archive section, moved a bunch of files, removed weird image codenames
- Added link previews!

- Replaced recent post section with To-Do list and Changelog

- Updated multiple site graphics, mostly focused on the OC archive

- Foundations for the OC archive created

- Added Rat God into sidebar with randomly picked quotes. Just for fun.

- Implemented lightbox function for gallery

- Site created, initial foundations laid down for the general site. This is the site's birthday!