this site was built for and is best seen on a desktop computer screen!

hi there! welcome to Vidapon's Artbox, my humble little art page on the world wide web. this is my first venture into HTML/CSS! the website is constantly under construction, so feel free to check back whenever you like.

all of the website's main code structure was done by me, but i wouldn't have learned how to do a lot of this without the multitudes of code resources and reference out there on the internet. thank you so much!!


All graphics and art (excluding the site-specific buttons seen on the left side) featured on this website is of my own creation, unless stated below in the credits section.

Mad Rat Dead graphics are from the MAD RAT DEAD Fandom Wiki.
SPAMTON "Death grips" stamp made by Tumblr user thisdastampdoesnotexist.
Lightbox code made by Lokesh Dakar.

NeoCities, Desktop, Firefox, Made with Love, and Anti-NFT 88x31 buttons were sourced from (original creators unknown).
THE SKELETON APPEARS button made by charlotte2.
Shrine banner sprites originate from the game Crypt of the Necrodancer.
Red Vox Blinkies made by Tumblr user ruinedmeal.

Fonts used are Terminus, VCR OSD Mono, Skygraze, Milky Boba, and Typesauce.

Top priority

  • keep making the website look nice :)
  • continue building up OC archive to completion

Lower priority

  • expand gallery
  • make custom cursor?
  • shrines are on the backlog now, they take a lot of time to make!

- Fixed the sidebar blocking mobile view on the about page.

- Updated character menu layouts in the OC Archive.

- Added a sidebar to the about page.
- Let Impy pop up in the about page.

- Overhauled main site layout code. (OC archive currently pending.)
- Updated design for the Gallery.
- Added "Current Interests" and "Collection Stats" to the About page.

- Removed the "Last Updated" indicators on the navigation bar (I always forget to update the date when I update my site so they ended up being useless.)
- Updated profile layouts for the OC Archive.

- Started the 2023 section and added 3 new drawings to the gallery.
- Replaced Rat God with a Jumpluff Pokesona (Azale).

- Updated collection photo and persona art from the about page.
- Updated about page link icon to match with displayed persona.

- Replaced tile background on main page with a full image. (Only shows up on widescreen desktop computers)
- Added OC blog link to the OC hub page.

- Added guestbook and Neocities profile buttons/graphics.
- Edited Rat God text box to make it look fancier.

- Added Mad Rat Dead shrine.
- Added Sky: COTL and Rain World buttons.

- Updated OC Archive entrance graphic/animation.

- Created and added OneShot, JSaB, and Hollow Knight buttons!

- Updated website button.

- Added Red Vox Blinkies to the sidebar.

- Added titles (last updated indicator, shown on hover) to main navigation menu buttons.

- Updated shrine hub graphics with new shrine icons

- Added shrines section, created first shrine!

- Updated about page to actually have info on the site itself instead of just being a bio page
- Removed SCM Music Player due to it causing problems with page loading.

- Added SCM Music Player.

- Created the Journal page.
- Added a guestbook to the front page.

- Updated about page with a longer bio, and changed the representative art

- The OC Archive Total Makeover has been completed.

- Added 9 new drawings from June 2022, July 2022 (ArtFight), and September 2022 to the Gallery

- Added button collection
- Updated navigation graphics
- Changed layout of about page and added new info

- Changed layouts of OC archive bios, also added a few more details

- Removed surnames from OC archive page URLS that had them, changed URLs to better correspond to the character's common name

- Finally added a credits section on the front page
- Overhauled OC archive section, moved a bunch of files, removed weird image codenames
- Added link previews!

- Replaced recent post section with To-Do list and Changelog

- Updated multiple site graphics, mostly focused on the OC archive

- Foundations for the OC archive created

- Added Rat God into sidebar with randomly picked quotes. Just for fun.

- Implemented lightbox function for gallery

- Site created, initial foundations laid down for the general site. This is the site's birthday!