The Far End Universe

The Far End Universe is a personal OC universe that has been in development since around early 2018, built with modern/urban fantasy-like themes in mind. Spawning just from a single song, the world has been expanded greatly over the years, and more and more characters and stories have been added, and some merged. All of the worlds are linked between dimensions to allow for possible crossovers, due to my childhood enjoyment of such content. However, most characters remain relatively in their own spaces, so not many interact with each other in canon.

Since this is an ever-evolving original world, all of the designs and stories seen here are subject to change.

There are no plans to put any of these characters into consumable media. These characters are incredibly personal and important to the artist.

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✨New Pages✨

👤> Haruki (posted on 5-27-2023)
👤> The Clockworker (posted on 5-27-2023)
👤> Winter (posted on 4-27-2023)

✨Recently Updated✨

👤> Helio (updated on 5-3-2023)
📖> Azadia Hub (updated on 4-24-2023)
📖> "Remnants" (updated on 4-23-2023)

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