You find yourself in a strange, unfamiliar place.
An angry, blood red sky overshadows you.
It is filled with dark clouds circling the air.
This odd place that you have arrived in, is known as the Mirror Planes.
But how did you survive the shattering?


The Mirror Planes is the in-between of worlds. It exists as a passage between Earthside and Azadia. Think of it as the world that exists between portal entrances, the space that you cannot normally see.

This is a world that is only inhabited by a single race; a race known simply as Mirror Demons.

Mirror Demons are the only beings capable of creating their own portals. These portals come in the form of reflective surfaces. Surface-beings can enter these portals, but they will not survive without Demon guidance. Surface-dwellers are unable to handle its physical properties. As a result, they "shatter" upon entrance if they try to enter without demon guidance.

While small, insignificant creatures fall in pretty often, there was a single case where a human had fallen in.

Despite its frightening appearance, life in the in-between isn't as different as life on the surface world. Every Demon has a job, they enjoy entertainment, and some even raise families. So really, there isn't much to say about it.


Mirror Demons' key characteristic is having a mostly monochrome palette on their bodies. Their colouration can only consist of red, white, black, and other such similar hues. A Mirror Demon's appearance can range from ordinary looking monsters and demons, to incredibly uncanny or abstract shapes. The only thing a Mirror Demon's appearance cannot resemble are that of humans. It is unknown as to why, but it could be due to the fact that most Demons can conjure human disguises for surface travel.

While the first Mirror Demons were created by the first Demon King, eventually they learned how to reproduce on their own. Some Demons are still hand-crafted by the King themself, but most Demons are born within familial groups.

When a Demon hones a special skill, they earn a specialized title. This is unofficially considered their job title, but no two Demons can have the exact same one. Variations are acceptable, but not exact word-for-word matches.