Full Name
Glass, the Demon of Shattering

Mirror Demon

February 18, 1990

Unknown (he/it)


Creation Date
May 28, 2019

Likes 💖
Power, fear, making sure everyone knows that I'm clearly the best Demon in all of the Planes

Dislikes 💔
That stupid King and his gremlin child


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Glass was once a greatly feared, all powerful demon. But one day, he took things a little too far, and in a power-hungry fit, ended up destroying a quarter of Demon City. King Damien finally sealed his power away, locking him at home until he could learn to atone for his crimes. But Glass, refusing to show weakness, simply decided there were better things to do than suck up to old King Damien. So he opened a mirror gate when no one was looking, peered in through, and took a young and feeble mind as his host...

Glass is incredibly stubborn and always refuses to admit defeat. He'll always try to find a way to prove himself right and worthy, to make it known that he is the strongest of them all. But at what point is he supposed to slip up and finally admit his wrongness...?