Full Name
Matthew Ruden


February 3rd, 1999

Bisexual trans man


Creation Date
January 14, 2018

Likes 💖
Drawing, birds, being outdoors, taking walks, coffee, soda, being helpful

Dislikes 💔
Topics about death, thinking about the future, being underprepared, excessive homework, feeling useless


Mattie is an explorer and adventurer at heart. He has a fondness for birds and nature, and has a lot of fun sketching little things he finds in the outdoors. Every chance he gets, he'll often take a stroll through the neighbourhood wilderness just to let himself get lost in the zone for a little while. While he does enjoy having company, sometimes he likes having a bit of alone time to himself, and going out into the woods helps him cool down a little when he's feeling stressed. However, he doesn't really get much time outside as much as he'd like.

He started to worry more about his father's health after his mother had died, so he tries his best to help his father whenever he feels the need to. Since he often stays at home to help, he is mostly unable to go to a post-secondary school, and he's (mostly) fine with it. He seems to care more about his loved ones, to the point where sometimes he won't even think of himself when someone in his close circles needs help.


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