Magic is one of the founding entities of the Far End Universe, but is most prominently active within the Azadian side. Magic runs through the planet's veins. When something is born, it is born with magic; it is that being's soul, their spirit.

Every individual magic soul is branded with a specific element. This restricts that individual to one type of magic.

There are 9 elements that an individual may be branded with at birth.

Flame, Aquatic, Floran, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Luminous, Night, and Blood.

Each individual element has passive abilities, such as clearer vision, physical strength, quicker recovery, and so on. But if an individual decides to expand their magical abilities, they may learn new spells specialized to their element that could help in both combat and domestic settings.

While this also results in certain types of elements having a more specialized skill in certain job fields, this does not automatically exclude other elements from taking in said job fields as well.

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Flame Aquatic Floran Lightning Wind Earth Luminous Night Blood