Full Name
Zacharie "Hal" Kidlat


August 12, 1999

Hetero trans man (he/they)


Creation Date
April 11, 2019

Likes 💖
Robots, coding, playing video games, hanging out with friends, cold weather, being alone

Dislikes 💔
Being outside for too long, hot weather, looking at the night sky, giant rodents


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Hal makes robots and other machinery for a living. Most importantly he helps build ideal bodies for Techians that may be looking for one. He earns a lot just from doing this, and he's happy about it, since it's his biggest passion. He had an interest in robotics since he was younger, and tries his best to do good for the world with his robots. The first ever successful robot he had created is still around and is basically his tiny assistant.

But of course, such a talent in machinery could not be ignored. One night he was kidnapped by a group of aliens, and while attempting to study him and gain his technologic knowledge, they cut off his arm as warning. Hal doesn't remember much of this nightーhow he escaped their mothership is still a mystery. He doesn't actually remember this happening due to how traumatic it was. So whenever someone asks where his arm went, in reality he doesn't know.